Phenibut Pure Powder 50g Size

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Phenibut Pure Powder 50g Size


Phenibut is a calming, mood lifting, sociability enhancing, and potentially (in low serving sizes) nootropic supplement that acts as a GABA-B agonist to ease stress and support a positive, social mood. The primary benefits of Phenibut use also include pain-reduction, easing muscle tension and stress, and promotion of deep, restful sleep.The recommended serving size of Phenibut is 500 – 2000mg per day, in up to two to three separate servings, depending on the desired effect. It’s not recommended that people use for more then 3 consecutive day’s or more then 4 day’s per week.

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Phenibut is used for mood lifting, anxiet, sociability enhancing, and possibly a nootropic supplment (in low serving sizes) that acts as a GABA-B agonist easing stress, creating a positive social mood. Other benefits of Phenibut include pain-reduction, easing muscle tension and stress, and promoting deep, restful sleep.

Recommended serving size of Phenibut = 500 – 2000mg per day up to 2 or 3 separate servings depending on the desired effects. We recommended that people do not use Phenibut for more then 3 consecutive day’s or more then 4 day’s per week.

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6 reviews for Phenibut Pure Powder 50g Size

  1. Karson Bailey (verified owner)

    5/5 all around!! My first order with Zen-Herb and I was not disappointed, shipping speed is unreal ordered early Thursday morning and package was in my Mailbox before noon the next day. Best price you can find online for Phenibut rn and the quality is great, very acidic very pure.

  2. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Was surprised how fast it came and super satisfied with product will be buying here from now on. 5 stars!

  3. Hap P Camper (verified owner)

    Grateful for the fast shipping! I was hoping it’d arrive in time and it did!
    First Class service. Will be buying again.

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    Superb and they got back to me quickly when i messaged them with my concerns. Deff a legit source and i will be buying more from them in the future

  5. Adversity (verified owner)

    GREAT DEAL!!! This is definitely going to now my go-to source for Phenibut!

    1: Great Value/Size deal for the price
    2: Very professionally packaged & sealed
    3: Tastes ON POINT. Ive noticed other similarly low priced source’s phenibut sometimes tastes a bit…off? I’m guessing it means it has slightly higher levels of impurities. Plus YOU WANT your Phenibut to taste acidic! That means its good. The other (Now defunct lol) good deal source tasted a bit weaker than Phenibut I’d bought prior in my life.

    So I’m thankful to say that THIS PHENIBUT tastes ON POINT!!! I can definitely tell its truly pure & from a good batch. None of the face flushing side effect shit you get from lesser Phens (In purity).
    Plus the packaging looks cool/legit as hell 🤣😎

  6. John U. (verified owner)

    This brand of Phenibut amazingly gives you zero hangover/nausea the next morning! The only kind I’ve found that doesn’t regardless of the dose taken. The BEST Phenibut I’ve ever come across.

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